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Trigger happy without broadband

For 2 days now the “ready” light on my cable modem has failed to light up and hence I’ve had no internet access at home I’ve tried power-cycling the modem, leaving it unplugged overnight and even disconnecting and reconnecting the cable input. No Joy.
I checked the Virgin Media service status page and can [...]

Neuromancer re-re-revisited

I was having a quick look through some second-hand books last weekend and happened across a copy of Neuromancer by William Gibson, the “father of cyber-punk”. I had to have it and this marked the third time I’ve purchased a copy of this seminal work.
I started into it on the bus home yesterday and it [...] free super saver delivery

I’d finished reading the last interesting book in my stack on Saturday morning so I wandered down to Waterstone’s to pick up something to tide me over until I got my act together and ordered some of the items on my Amazon wish list.  On Tuesday afternoon I waved bye-bye to a few shekels and [...]