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{ Monthly Archives } February 2007

First post from OS X

I’m composing this from the MacBook my new job has has provided me with. Coming from PC-land it’s a culture shock, a very sleek, stylised culture shock, but a culture shock none-the-less.
I’ve got a 2GHz Intel Core Duo processor along with 1.5 GB of RAM at my disposal, so everything is very smooth and shiny [...]

Nine Inch Nails – Year Zero

A trailer clip for Nine Inch Nails upcoming album Year Zero was released today and I’m sitting here, taking some time out from coding, listening to the tracks from it which were recently “leaked”.
The tracks are: “Survivalism”(the forthcoming single,) “My Violent Heart” and “Me, I’m Not”. It’s these last 2 which were discovered on USB [...]

Ajax: first impressions

I’ve been working on a form in my app and was faced with a decision regarding one of the fields: I need the user to select an object from a (possibly large) number of existing objects. I reckoned I had 3 options: a simple drop-down list, which could prove to be impractical; a pop-up window; [...]

O frabjous day!

Yesterday, the project I’m working on turned into a full-time gig. I start Monday as a full-time developer and can finally sign-off after nearly 6 years on state benefits. It works if you work it! free super saver delivery

I’d finished reading the last interesting book in my stack on Saturday morning so I wandered down to Waterstone’s to pick up something to tide me over until I got my act together and ordered some of the items on my Amazon wish list.  On Tuesday afternoon I waved bye-bye to a few shekels and [...]


Last week I found myself with the need to communicate with some people via AIM. I’d never bothered with that particular protocol before but being a Linux enthusiast I detected the opportunity for a bit of geekery…
All my IM needs are taken care of by jabberd running on substance. I can communicate directly with the [...]


I secured my first consultancy gig on Monday, developing a web-app for a local business; the end-product is to be deployed onto a standard *nix hosting account, so it’s going to be an adventure in PHP and MySQL from here on in.
Since my first meeting with the client I started collating all the various bits [...]

Fun with port forwarding

I’ve been having great fun with tunneling connections through SSH lately and today it dawned on me that I could close another hole in my firewall by connecting to my Jabber server via a tunnel. In the past, when I’ve been working remotely, I’ve made changes to my firewall by connecting to my public-facing machine; [...]